The Team

Carl Harrison – Lead Designer


Carl is the mastermind behind Edara. What started as his attempt to create a new campaign world for D&D 3.5 has taken on a life of its own as Edara. He has worked heavily on game-play design, ability balancing, and world creation. He has a BA in Classical Cultures that he has used to build the world and design authentic racial cultures. When not working on Edara, Carl works as a QA Tester for a major video game company, plays every board, card, and video game imaginable, and takes long walks with his dog Marcus.

 Ryan Schoon – Lead Writer


 This Indianapolis, Indiana resident is responsible for crafting the lore of Edara, as well as focusing loose game-play ideas into a constructed format. He is also the mind behind the serialized campaign of adventures that will be released. Ryan enjoys his days off by spending time with supportive wife Heather and dog Sawyer (pictured), as well as entering marathon gaming sessions with coworker Carl. You can see more of Ryan’s work here.

Ben Guldemond – Concept Artist


 South African artist Ben G brings his unique style of realism to the steam punk flavored world of Edara. More information on Ben and his work can be found on his deviant art page: and on CGHub:

Katherine Khudiakova – Character Artist


Twenty two year old Katherine, a professional costume designer and long time concept artists, goes by the online moniker Kutty Sark. She currently lives and works in the Ukraine and has a talent for designing characters. Her work can be found on her deviant art page:

Curtis Lanaghan- Equipment Designer

Curtis Lanaghan received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation in 2010, and afterward began working as a 3D animator at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL. He currently lives in the Chicago suburbs where he works as a freelance artist.  You can see more of his work here and watch his demo reel


Ashley Anderson – Graphic Designer

While not busy with her internship, spending time with her boyfriend, and playing video games, Ashley is hard at work on the Edara Project, designing logos and layouts to bring a cohesive look to the book.