New Character Creation Options in The Traveler’s Guide

When we launched the Kickstarter for The Traveler’s Guide, we promised detailed world information, maps, NPCs, and an expanded Adversarium. As we have been working on all of that content, however, we realized there was something missing. Aspects of the world that would be best detailed through new mechanics.

We are excited to announce that we are also including new character creation options! New rules allow for the creation of half-races without any restrictions. Backgrounds have been rebalanced, but we also split the existing Backgrounds into specific types based on your race or where and how you were raised. These Detailed Backgrounds have different point distributions and unique bonuses, allowing for much greater customization of both your character’s backstory and your playstyle. We have more Traits, a new Pugilism Proficiency, new Gadgets, and due to the advancement of technology by dwarven engineers and one of our backers, double and triple barreled shotguns (along with other weapons)!

Most importantly, there are 5 new trees, the Unbanded. Over a third of the population of Edara is unbanded, and we wanted to make sure this part of the lore is well-represented. These trees are based on some of the most common or important professions—or lack thereof—found throughout all the realms of Edara. Since these trees need to be very different from the unique Band trees, yet still balanced with them, we changed things up from the usual formula.

Each tree has 8 tiers and introduces powerful stat bonuses, new uses for Skills, and additional ways to spend Prowess Points. While trees cannot be mixed between Bands, Unbanded trees can be mixed and matched as you wish—take both a Band and Unbanded tree, or 2 Unbanded trees! Testing on these trees is ongoing to fine tune balance, but we are ecstatic with the number of combinations these trees allow and the playstyles they represent.

All of this content will be included in The Traveler’s Guide when it releases, ready for you to use in your games! We hope you are just as excited about it as we are.