Thank You

Today, the Traveler’s Guide to Edara hit its funding goal with 106 backers. 106 people who decided that they believed in our vision and wanted to support us. I know there are a countless number of Kickstarter projects all jockeying for the same audience, and I want to personally thank you for choosing ours. I’m very excited about this book and can promise you that what we deliver is going to be epic. Packed full of so much excitement and high quality artwork.

With that being said, there are a few people I want to thank. People that we couldn’t have done this without. Joe Young ran an amazing Edara episode of the Adventures of the Shed podcast. If you haven’t listened to it yet, please do. Be beware, it borders on NSFW, which is just how we like it :) Thanks to Melanie Meadors for getting us involved with the Once & Future Podcast, Dan Davenport, for hosting our Q&A session on RPG Net, and Corbett Kirkley for interviewing us on his Gag Men Podcast (the second half of which should be posting soon)

We couldn’t have done it without you all though. Everyone who backed, shared, commented, liked, inspired, tweeted, messaged, prayed, sent positive vibes, or otherwise had an impact on the universe deserves a huge thank you.

This success shows us that you, our fans, support us completely and that you love the game. We take that to heart and want to continue to give you the best experience possible. Please continue to give us your thoughts, feedback, and even requests for things in-game via our Facebook page or the forums on our website. We also look forward to giving you even more game content in the future, as hopefully this will be the first of several expansions!

Enjoy your adventures in Edara!