The Traveler’s Guide to Edara Kickstarter

Greetings from Edara!

We are proud to announce that we have launched the Kickstarter campaign for the follow-up campaign setting guide for Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance.

The Traveler’s Guide to Edara provides an in-depth look at the setting in which Edara takes place. It is rife with political intrigue, racism, classism, growing unrest, violence, war…but most of all hope. At the heart of Edara’s steampunk revolution runs a current of renaissance ideas. A focus on the rebirth of the world and a diplomatic end to the cultural wars, brought about through music, art, and poetry.

This clash of traditions and ideologies provides the conflict for the Edara setting. The Traveler’s Guide will give GM’s access to exclusive content such as new dungeons, traps, maps, locations, NPCs, and adventure hooks. It also gives players new options based on the different realms they may hail from, including new traits, proficiencies, and character creation options.

If that wasn’t enough, those who don’t already own Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance can get it at a special price through the Traveler’s Guide to Edara Kickstarter campaign! If you were on the fence about Edara, now is your chance to pick up both books and and a bunch of other goodies, including adventure modules, for a great discount.

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