Our 2015 Update!

Hey all!

Today is the day of the big announcements, February 1st! We have 3 major things to tackle today!

First of all, I’m pleased to announce that Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance has been offered 2 distribution options, in addition to selling through Drive Thru RPG (which we have been doing successfully since launch)! This is exciting news, because if we take either, or both, options, then Edara will receive nationwide distribution, appear in FLGSs across the United States, and appear online in many different online shops. This also means that Edara will have an appearance at conventions that we cannot normally attend. We will update you with more specifics as these orders pan out. So thanks to all of you, because your belief in us made this happen.

Secondly, we are hard at work on the 2nd Episode of Edara: Season 1: The Path to the Forest. This Episode was delayed a little longer than we had hoped because we were hard at work on another project that I will get to shortly. Don’t expect this long of delays between future episodes. Episode 2 will release this month, then we plan on releasing on Episode every 3 months until the Season 1 storyline is completed. By the time you’ve run through all the Episodes, your characters will have reached level 20 and encountered many different secrets about the world.

Lastly, and the biggest announcement yet: We are happy to introduce you to the Traveler’s Guide to Edara

Photo 1024x768

While writing the Episodes, we realized we needed a resource for players that were running their own campaigns, or for those who wanted to supplement their adventures with their own content. Creating GM content is awesome, and we have been excited to hear so many awesome stories of GM created campaigns. We wanted to provide a resource that dives deep into the lore and setting of Edara. Filled with new artwork, maps, NPC guides, new Adversaries, new backgrounds, rules for creating more diverse characters, and more. We have been working hard on this for a while now, and are almost ready to put it into action.

The Traveler’s Guide to Edara will be appearing on Kickstarter on February 7th, and will be ready to read and play by Gen Con 2015. You all helped bring Edara to life, now you can help us dig deeper into the mythology and the world that we created with this detailed campaign book, illustrated in full color and presented with the same quality of the Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance Revised 1st Edition!!


Thank you all and stay tuned for more!