Posters for Sale

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Drive Thru RPG, Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance posters are now on sale!


If you were a backer of our project who was expecting the poster as their reward, it will be arriving to you soon! We’re sorry about the delay and the issues we had getting these posters out to you but the people at DTRPG made it possible. And the quality on these posters is amazing. The proofs arrived today and they have been nothing but amazing.

So head over the Drive Thru RPG and check out our Edara posters. We have five currently on sale, each one representing one of the five Bands of Edara by showcasing full artwork of the Primarch behind that Band.

So check them out, pick up 1 or 5, and decorate your house with awesome Edara artwork!