Gen Con 2014

Gen Con 2014 has come and gone. What an amazing experience it was this year! Just want to take the time first to give a big shout out to the IGDN! Without that organization and the hard-working people on the IGDN convention team, Gen Con could not have been what it was this year. There are a few people in particular that really did a lot, including the Booth Valkyrie Matthew McFarland and his wife Michelle! And a thank you to Marissa Kelly and Joel Sparks for working the booth. Not to mention everyone else who ran the booth and helped our IGDN come to life.

The IGDN room was an amazing place. All day long members of the IGDN were running their games at those tables, including Edara. Every Edara session we ran went well, and everyone came away from the table loving both the system and the world. We ran the first act of Episode 1: The Prince & The Free City, and it went incredible. It was an encouraging experience for us to see how much fun everyone had playing it. It was also encouraging that people bought the book and came back to us to have us sign it. Seeing people walking around the convention center holding Edara and talking about it to their friends was a huge deal for us!

We also announced at Gen Con that we will be doing a campaign supplement for Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance. The setting is so huge and the history so detailed that we couldn’t ever fit it into one book. This is where the Traveler’s Guide comes in. We will have expanded setting content for each realm, including details on the major cities and major players in those cities. While there will be some more mechanical content such as new Adversaries and character creation concepts, the Traveler’s Guide itself will be all setting. Therefore, it can easily be used with any game system to tell a story within Edara, which is something I am very excited about! To get more information, head to www.edarathegame/traverlersguide

It was also great to meet up with old and new friends there. Our lead designer, Carl Harrison, was able to attend which was a huge blessing. We were finally able to have our launch party and meet with the backers who were at Gen Con (there were several!) A special shout out to Eloy of Third Eye Games (Amp: Year One, API, and Camp Myth, which was nominated for an Ennie!), Ben Woerner, (World of Dew), Mark Diaz Truman and Marissa Kelly (of Magpie Games), Jonathan, Brendan, Derrick, Clint and Jodi Black, Travis (one of our three amazing Apocalypse World GMs and the man behind John, both in bringing him life and in bringing his life to a sad end), and everyone else who made this Gen Con one to remember.

It was crazy meeting so many of you and shaking hands with so many industry movers. Matt Forbeck, Ryan Macklin (who gave the most amazing Ennie acceptance speech), Wil Wheaton, Fred Hicks, and so many others who were so incredibly friendly and willing to share a few words.

Congrats again to all the Ennie Award Winners and to Robin Law for his DJA for Hillfolk!

Can’t wait until Gen Con 2015! We will have more products to sell and more events to run!


Thanks much,

Ryan Schoon