Welcome to the New Year

While the mortals of Edara are busy celebrating their New Year festival, we are busy preparing to introduce you to the world! 2014 will be a big year for us at Caelestis Designs. The Core Rulebook will launch this May. The beta program will be rolling out here within the month. The first Episode will be available at or close to launch, with more episodes to follow throughout the year. With all of this on our plate, its easy to forget to take the time and talk to our fans! But do not fear, we are working very hard to get you an incredibly polished product and we are super proud of everything our team has produced so far.

For those of you who backed us on Kickstarter (and another huge thank you to all of you), we sent out the backer surveys just a few days ago. So go ahead and fill those out and get them back to us as soon as you can!

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to launch and we will lock in a specific launch date here soon! Life is very exciting for us right now, but we wanted to take the time to say


Thank you!