The Edara Novels

I’ve recently begun working on the companion novel to Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance. While not “required reading” in order to be able to explore or understand what is happening in Edara, but it will offer some perspective on characters and places that you will see while playing through the Edara Episodes.

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to adapting a tabletop role-playing game into a novelization. Tabletop RPGs tend to follow a lot of rules. There are actions that you can or can not perform based on decisions made in character creation or based on things the rules allow. These rules don’t always translate into a smooth novel. Some authors have done a great job bringing the worlds of a role-playing game to life. R.A. Salvatore is probably the most famous of these. Though the adventures that his characters enter were generally more epic than anything I ever saw in my years playing Dungeons & Dragons.

From a writer’s perspective, the best thing about Edara is the amount of customization available in the character creation system. It allows me to create lots of unique and compelling characters that don’t break the natural “laws” of what being an adventurer in Edara means. I’ve actually gone deep into the character creation process when designing the main characters of the Edara novels. I don’t want the fans to ever feel that the characters they are reading about are more “badass” or more powerful than characters they can create themselves. Every ability used by these characters, every skill they attempt, and every weapon they pick up is dictated by the same character creation rules that the player has access to.

By using this method, I think we can all go on a journey together. And if you’re lucky, maybe the characters you create for your own adventures will intersect with the characters from the novels. If you do, you should be able to go toe-to-toe with them.

Look for more information coming soon about the companion novels. I’ll probably get around to posting a few samples once everything is polished up.

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Ryan, Caelestis Designs Lead Writer